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Every lawn is unique with its own particular quirks and characteristics. By recognizing the specific attributes of your lawn, you can give it exactly what it needs to flourish. That’s why our New York State-Certified Specialists take the time to carefully perform each FREE scientific lawn analysis. With the results, we are able to create a customized program that gives your lawn the right nutrients at the right time to reach its full potential.

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Mosaic takes every precaution to make sure our service is reliable and safe.

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Your lawn is STARVING!
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Green Plan
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5 Lawn Fertilizing Feedings: These treatments are the foundation of every lawn care program. Our specialists will determine the exact blend depending on the results of the scientific lawn analysis. green_check green_check green_check
Pre-Emergent Treatment: Our specially-formulated Early Spring Emergent© is the perfect mixture to bring your lawn back to life after a long winter. This mix creates a barrier that stops crabgrass and other seedy weeds from developing above the ground. green_check green_check green_check
Weed and Crabgrass Control: Mosaic uses a post emergent method by identifying weed(s), and their growth stage. The specialist then selects a course of action to eliminate existing weeds and prevent new unwanted growth. green_check green_check green_check
Grub Control: All lawns have grubs that threaten their health. Grub Control keeps them from eating crucial root structures, which create bare areas. green_check green_check green_check
Winterizer Treatment: What you do for your lawn this year plays a crucial role in determining its success in the season to come. Winterizer fertilizing feeds the lawn one last time before hibernation. Doing so promotes root development — the foundation for a healthier, greener lawn. green_check green_check green_check
Unlimited Service Calls: If an issue arises at any point between regularly scheduled services, a specialist will return to the property and address it effectively. green_check green_check green_check
Lawn, Tree, and Shrub Monitoring: Whenever specialists are on site, they will monitor your landscaping for insect activity and possible diseases or funguses. green_check green_check green_check
Great Lawn Guarantee: Mosaic does not expect advance payment for services not yet completed to your satisfaction. We will re-visit the property as often as needed at no extra charge to make any adjustments. We place our work to your highest standard. green_check green_check green_check
pH Soil Correction: Lawns will not grow well in acidic soils, and since most soils in New York are acidic by nature, well-established lawns will require pH soil amendment through seasonal applications of lime. green_check green_check
Aeration and Overseeding: This process stimulates your lawn and grows a new generation of grass to achieve the ultimate healthy, green look. The aerator pulls plugs of sod from the ground, which loosens up compacted soil. This allows for air to mix with soil and enhances root development. green_check
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The best way to prevent unwanted weeds is to establish a healthy and thick lawn.
A thin, malnourished lawn allows the sun to shine on the soil and creates the optimum conditions for weed germination, especially crabgrass and nutsedge.

Our services leave our customers with a thick, lush lawn, virtually impenetrable to weeds!

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